Saturday, October 22, 2011

New In The Shop... Kitschy Holiday Ornaments!

For all your dysfunctional family and friends, these fun and funky collaged ornaments have the perfect sayings! Doesn't everyone have that one... well... slightly older relative that still insists on dressing up like an elf?

And for all your fans of A Christmas Story... can't you just hear them whining now, "But you said that I could have a bb gun!"

And for those who understand that, "sometimes the holidays hurt a little"! This "ouch!" ornament says it all!

Choose from 7 different versions (some a little nicer than others — ha!), and you can find them here in my Etsy shop. They're a great gift for friends, family, co-workers, secret santas, holiday party hostesses (hang one from your bottle of "whine"!) and anyone else who loves backhanded humor!


  1. These are wonderful! The "ouch" one made me laugh out loud!

  2. These are awesome !!!
    But I am the "older" relative who dresses as an elf...okay, a Fairy but what's wrong with that ?|!!!

    Seriously fun stuff, Michelle !

  3. Thanks, Clytie. That's one of my faves! And Kim, without our little holiday elf (fairies), life would be so boring :o)


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