Saturday, October 15, 2011

New In The Shop...

Typically, before a show... I have a marathon jewelry-making session. However, I don't usually photograph all the new pieces professionally because many of them find their new owners at the event. Now that the show has passed, I get to share some of the new pieces with you! All of them (and more) are available in the Jewelry section of my Etsy shop...

The Carousel was inspired not only by my love of the boardwalk as a child, but also by this absolutely gorgeous vintage pin! I added a few more repurposed elements and gave this piece an interesting architectural twist!

I thought I'd Tie It Up In A Bow when I came across this adorable ribbon brooch. Add a matching chain with pretty flowers and this necklace is perfect for jeans and a blouse or your favorite cocktail dress!

The focal point of this piece is a carved bone mermaid (she's double sided!). Very hard to come by these pieces have inspired a plethora of one-of-a-kind necklaces. This one I call Chained To The Sea, as even though she loves being a mermaid, she feels like there's more going on above the surface and wants to explore!

To see all my mixed media, upcycled and repurposed jewelry creations... visit my Etsy shop!


  1. They are absolutely stunning - the carousel is my fave!!!

    I have missed some of your posts lately, and have just spent an amazing half hour catching up. You really have been busy!!! I love your creativity, you know!

  2. Missed you too, Clytie! Thanks so much for your lovely comments :o)


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