Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I'm Drawn To...

Artist extraordinaire Claudine Hellmuth once said... make a list of all the things you like. And so I did. That list grew into about 5 pages of "stuff" and is still growing today! I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite things with all of you...

I definitely have a thing for well-loved paintbrushes. I make sure to only clean the bristles, so that I can see the history of the fun projects I've worked on.

I love a good leather-bound journal with a decorative front. Makes it so inviting, doesn't it?

I absolutely adore stripes. I think it has to do with my fondness of carnivals and growing up around the boardwalk. The page shown here was one I originally didn't like. I pulled off some of the items, gessoed over some others,  then painted stripes over top. Now I love it! It's ready for a new story.

I encourage you to start noticing the things that seem to repeat themselves in your art... or your life! What things are you drawn to?

*Oh, and can you tell I love the color pink?


  1. I had a dream last night you were on David Letterman and he wanted to see what didn't sell at your Porch Sale....and you would throw it at him....you were like a stand up comic......very funny!

  2. That IS funny, Geralyn! And next up... Michelle Bernard... mixed media artist and stand up comic ((applause))...


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