Monday, November 29, 2010

Speaking Of Feeling Like A Little Kid...

I found this photo buried in a bunch of stuff over the holiday weekend. It's my First Grade Class Picture from when I went to the Wayside School in NJ, circa 1973! Can you guess which one is me? (you can click on the photo to enlarge it). If you haven't met me in person, here's what I look like today. Seeing this photo brought back a lot of memories—including some of those invincible feelings that you have as a child—before all the responsibilities in your life take over! The look on my face is just priceless!


  1. on your on the end, back row, left side?

    i love how 6 of the kids are not looking at the camera and the one kid in the back row seems to be starring at the big haired girl in front of him!

    great photo!

    i'll have to post one of mine as well; they are great!

  2. wow, i think i was drunk when i typed the first sentence!

    it should say, "are you on the end, back row, left side"?


  3. That's right! I'm on the left end, back row, in the red ruffle outfit.

  4. I picked the back row, far left side as well! You know, you haven't changed very much! What fun!


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