Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Are All Alone...

Here we are on the last day of August... a month that has been extremely challenging for me, to say the least. The Universe has chosen to test me, day after day after day. Like waves pounding on the shore at high tide. Things I've counted on... fallen through. Projects researched... only to find dead ends. Bonds made... have been broken. Fires lit... were snuffed out. Hopes built up... and then dashed. I felt so alone. Who will save me? How can I take one more thing? And then this little voice spoke up...

"I'll save you!"

It was me. The knowing part of me. The part that has all the answers once I get quiet and listen. The part that has lost... and then found. The part that has fallen... and dusted myself off. The part that has thrown in the towel... only to get back in the game. I knew that everything I need—to face this battle called Life—is already in me. And that really, I am on my own. That it's all up to me. No one else is responsible for my life. Just me. And I am alone. But that's not a terrible thing because, we are all alone... together!


  1. Wow. Somehow you've put into words the 'story of my life'! In such a beautiful way - both in art and words. Thank you for helping me get a better perspective on things beyond my control ... you are so right - let's celebrate being 'alone' but not 'lonely' together!

  2. but you aren't alone...you're with friends! golden tethers and threads that connected at Squam, and all around! whenever doors close for me, and i start freaking out, it seems like something better than what i would have chosen comes by. if i would have been on the other route, i would have missed the better opportunity, or been afraid to let go of the proverbial bird-in-the-hand. you have talent, and i am convinced that there is that Wonderful Something headed your way. "hurry up Universe!" Linda E

  3. We are never truly alone all we have to do is reach out to him that loves us more than any one else.

    I agree we are all resposible for are own actions though and we can get help from the lord, friends and family.

    Glad your fighting back after a horrid month keep going and you will win out in the end

    Love Dawn xx

  4. I totally know what you've expressed here all too well! Nicely put!


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