Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Space...

Don't you just love the FREE SPACE in the middle of a Bingo game? You get to start playing with an advantage. One step ahead. Everybody else has it. But it doesn't matter... it still feels good. It's the same game, but no one else has the same numbers you do. Yours are different. And they could be just the right combination to get you that win... just this once...

It kind of reminds me how it feels to be on my own as an artist. There are so many talented and creative people out there, you wonder... how am I going to fit in? But every once in awhile you have to remind yourself that no one else has the same vision that you do. Your vision is different. And it could just be the right vision to lead you to that sense of accomplishment... and not just once... Bingo!

How'd she do it: The pendants featured here have been created with the faux enamel technique using Tim Holtz Alterations Bingo Embossing Folder from Sizzix and Metal Canvas Blanks from Vintaj. These and more will be featured at my booth this Sept. 11-12 at the Asbury OysterFest.


  1. fantastic....of course..coming from YOU...wouldn't expect less !

  2. I've always loved the "free" space as well :=}.

    I also love what you said about art and artists. I quail when I see such talented and inspirational artists around, and also wonder if I will ever fit in.

    Thank you for these words.


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