Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drawing From Life...

Played around a little more with my Petit Dolls I learned to draw with Suzi Blu. Even though it's past Halloween... I really wanted to try drawing costumes... and I pleasantly surprised myself. I liked it so much I even gave her a little companion mousey...

But... I must confess... after this, I tried to practice some more... but did not like what I had drawn. I tried a little harder... and changed up my technique a bit. But sometimes you just have to step away. And I'm learning! Learning to let go of preconceived notions... of outcomes... of perfectionism... and of being my own worst critic! Doing something new and having it take time to get right is the perfect kind of therapy for me at this time in my life! And I'm embracing it...


  1. and so you should embrace it! it is a wonderful new way of expressing yourself! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I think this is your way of working through what you learned from Suzi and turning it into YOU and your own style. Go with're doing fabulous!
    Peace & Love,
    Craft Therapy


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