Monday, February 9, 2009

Yesterday's Trash... Artful Ideas...

Last year, I developed a fascination with repurposing the plastic blisters from packages to use in my art. Funny because the company I work for... Ranger... came out with these Memory Capsules at the most recent Craft & Hobby Association show. They are little tiny, 3-D, decoratively shaped capsules that you can fill with all kinds of objects, place ephemera behind them, back with Ranger's Memory Glass and then place into our Memory Frames. It's an instant piece of jewelry or a creative embellishment. Pretty cool.


  1. What a great idea! (Yours and Rangers, both.) I love to recycle as much as I can and detest putting anything in the garbage if I can find some use for it...and it's often art related. Thanks for a way to keep lots more plastic stuff out of our local landfill. Woot!

    smile. be free. have fun.
    Peace & Love,
    ♥ Barb ♥


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