Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Retail Therapy...And Then Some!

Tonight I went to JC Penney to look for a button down long sleeve shirt... I found a patterned short sleeve shirt and a two-tone scarf instead. Then I went to Forever 21 to find a long sleeve shirt... I found a pink polka dot short sleeve shirt and a green tye dye scarf! Then I went to Macy's to find a long sleeve shirt... instead I got a sexy lace top (short sleeve!), a velvet jacket, a ruffled skirt and a pink skull and crossbones tee (but hey, it was long sleeve!).

Then I went to the card store for Valentine's cards which took ever so long to pick out. Then off to the liquor store to get my favorite champagne splits, but they don't carry them anymore. So I went to a different liquor store. Stopped at the dollar store for wrapping paper... and finally the gas station to put air in my tire and fill up on gas! Whew! Lots of stuff, but I feel like I really accomplished something and I love all my new clothes!

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  1. Retail therapy is almost as good as good as art therapy...well, I think that art supply retail therapy may be Nirvana. LOL
    be free.
    Peace & Love,
    ♥ Barb ♥


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