Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sticky-Back To The Rescue!

Okay, so this winter, I took my wool coat out of the closet, just hoping that none of the moths we usually get over the summer thought that it was a tasty treat. But, to my surprise, a kitty cat must have snuck into the closet and seen it as a scratching post! The back of the coat near the bottom had a giant nest of undone fibers, sticking out everywhere! Aw crap. And I just loved that coat!

So I hand wove all the fabric pieces back together and glued them in place with Liquid Stitch. But the glue kind of made the coat look like it was dirty. So then I tried to paint over it with acrylics, but just couldn't get the color right. Then it looked like I sat in something! Sigh.

So, I remembered we had a Sizzix die of a flower and thought—as a last resort—I'd try to cover up the area with flowers using Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky-Back Canvas, Studio Acrylic Paints and some vintage buttons. I'm so happy about how it turned out. Now I can go out in public again! Yay.
*Note: you'll eventually need to tack down the edges with Matte Gel Medium, as the fibers won't hold forever.


  1. Hi! Great save!

    Will the stickyback hold up to washing or drycleaning? That will open up a HUGE palace of possibilities if it will!


  2. Hi Edie! I'm not sure about the washing and dry cleaning. I hadn't gotten that far yet with testing. I also wondered myself if ironing might strengthen the bond of the glue? Have to try that as well. But the "smoother" the fabric, the better the Sticky-back will stick!

  3. Nice! Good way of saving that coat! And it looks great!

  4. OOOOH, love it, great save with that and I saw the pink, love it!

  5. you know by the time you need yuor coat cleaned you can maybe hand stich around the flowers, that's what i wouild do
    sticky-back is great but looking at the fibers of your coat i don't think it can last forever but hey! what does hihi!
    i burnt a hole in my felt coat last year! yes with my heattool, do not ask!!!!i was demo-ing at the time so i simply got some black felt in that store, cuttlebugged it into flowers, layered them, hotfixed them with gems and glued them down with fabric adhesive! it worked like a charm hihi! now i have neatly sewn them on! isn't being creative just fun? :-)

    hey, and pass by belgium anytime but maybe you can look up suzi blu! i learned to draw my dolls from her, she lives pretty close to you! jersey girl!!!!


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