Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sometimes You Just Get Stuck...

Hey, maybe if I stare at this thing long enough it'll turn into something wonderful! That's what I've been saying about this little starry house I've been working on. Last June, I purchased a bunch of really cool house boxes from a local yard sale. I started to work on this one and just fizzled out. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps I might be thinking about it too much and maybe the answer is to just... do what I know. Use some techniques and embellishments that I've used before on projects of this type... and stop trying so hard!


  1. true enough! just do something you are comfortable with! we don't always have to invent new things!
    and believe me! i'm like you on this! i shouyld take my own advice sometimes haha!

    xx tanya

  2. It looks adorable dear friend...everything you make has a terrific feel to it. Dont sweat the small stuff.


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