Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pick-A-Photo Tuesday: Skee Ball

As a child, I loved to go down to the boardwalk arcades and play Skee Ball. For this game of skill you'd throw a clunky wooden ball up a ramp and into a bullseye-style area of rimmed holes with different point values for the degree of difficulty. You typically got 9 tries for each token... enough to rack up some tickets and buy yourself a pencil eraser or a bird water whistle. Boy, things were much simpler then.


  1. I love skeeball! Where else would one spend $50 to get a rub on tattoo and a gumball? Where else, I ask you?

  2. I love skeeball too....my boys and I are deathly competative with eachother.

  3. OMG - i loved skeeball - would pla with my cousins...great memories!


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