Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pick-A-Photo Tuesday: Cabin On The Lake

A while back, my mom had gone to a funeral. At this funeral, she had spoken to one of the family members about having to "go through things". The woman mentioned that she had so many old photographs that she had to just throw many of them away. Mom said that was too bad as her daughter (me!) uses them in her artwork. Surprisingly, the woman mentioned that she did not "empty" the trash yet and could take them out and send them to me. And so she did. How very sweet.

As I was going through the photos, I kept noticing several that had this cabin on the lake pictured. It looked just like a cabin of a distant Uncle who I used to visit with my family when I was young. That cabin was in New York on one of the many lakes upstate. Last week, I had the opportunity to pass the photos on to a visiting relative and ask if it was my Uncle's cabin. And guess what? It was! Pretty cool.

photo courtesy of Ms. Bobbi Cidern

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