Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Accidental Jeweler...

What happens when you make a plan in November of 2012 to be the Jewelry Artist of the Month at a local library in December of 2013? Well, if you're like me... you totally forget... then you get a phone call 10 days before the month starts, and you scramble like mad to make some jewelry!

So I broke out my stash and pulled pieces that spoke to me. My process is usually... go through silver junk and take out what calls to me... go through gold stuff and take out what appeals to me... go through beads that match... and chains that coordinate. Begin!

I got to pair new goodies with old goodies, which is always fun. I had this two-tone metal bracelet with floral accents for ages... and just recently found this cute little garden party hat to complete this piece!

I was channeling my love of everything Irish when I created this 'Oh, Blarney' charm necklace! I just love using tons and tons of monochromatic and metallic matching mementos. Lucky me!

This was my absolute favorite creation this time around. But it didn't even make it to the show, as it was snatched up after I posted it on Facebook! I do love that it's going to a good home.

I made jewelry every day — and even into the night — for almost two weeks. And even though my little helper is as cute as a button... she didn't get as much done overnight as I had hoped she would. Oh, well.

It was great to take a break from all the painting I did this summer. I got a quick and unexpected reminder as to why I collect these shiny baubles like a magpie... and how I love turning memories of the past into wearable mementos.

My work will be available all month long at the Oceanic Library in Rumson, NJ. And 20% of all my jewelry sales go directly to the library! So if you're local... go check out my vintage upcycled creations this December!

Oceanic Free Library
109 Avenue of the Two Rivers
Rumson, NJ 0776

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