Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't Mess With My Candy (Apple)!

After a very quick two weeks of jewelry-making... I needed a bit of play time again. I felt like painting, but I wasn't sure what to paint. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of drawings in my sketchbook.

I had done them awhile back... in an attempt to find my own personal style (which I'm finding out is a constant quest!). So I thought, these sketches are very much me... let's see how the candy apple looks in paint!

I also thought it might be a great addition to my current gallery show, since I had sold a couple of pieces already. But when I finished the painting, I loved it so much... I decided to keep it!

Oh, and I have no idea where the eye patch (complete with a red rhinestone heart) came from... it just popped into my brain while I was working on the piece. I think I really wanted to get the point across, not to mess with my candy! And a 3D element on any of my pieces always adds that touch of whimsy I love so much.


  1. Sweet ! I thought of some little punk using a sling shot to get the apple off the tree and resulting in your apple's tough apple attitude !
    Love how you always play, Michelle !
    Love and light !

    1. Thanks, Kim! I absolutely LOVE your story!!! xoxo


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