Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Art To Die For...

This past weekend was the Zombie Walk in Asbury Park... which inspired me to break out of my cute girl mold and paint something creepy and gorey. Yay! I mean.... Grrrrrrrrr.

Asbury's annual event brings thousands of walking dead to the city by the sea, and this year there were more than ever! In fact, they won back their Guinness Book of World Records title with 9,592 walking dead!

There was no lack of inspiration for my own zombie girl. Yikes! These dead are pretty scary!

So for my creepy creation, I started with some coffee stained kraft paper as my base and loved the splotchy-ness of it so much, that I decided to keep that as the background. For the day of the event, Asbury Park becomes Zombie Park and so I had to incorporate that into my piece. And an underlay of some Frankenstein green was the perfect beginning.

Working from dark to light, I wanted to really make the girl and the words pop off the drab background. I think she's actually starting to glow!

One of my favorite parts of this piece is the legs in chains as the A in PARK. I'd love to say that I am just that creative and this was totally planned, but it was a happy accident. As I was placing my original sketches over the words, I realized that the girl's legs fell right where the A was. So I added the chains to complete the hint of the letter A. Love it when that happens!

I have to admit that adding the blood was super fun! I watered down the ugliest, darkest red paint I had, blobbed it on the canvas, and then tilted it slightly to make all the wonderful drips!

Channeling the perfect zombie patina was a challenge that I really enjoyed. A deep dark mossy green, lots of blues and teals, a little pistachio and a touch of gray. And the illusion was complete!

Thanks to "Zombie Park" I have a brand new piece of art... which will actually be for sale in a gallery in Asbury this month. But now that I'm finished I feel a little hungry. Hmmmm.... what do I want to eat? Oh, I know... More brains!


  1. Sweetest ghoulish zombie I have ever seen !
    Cheers !

    1. Thanks so much Kim! Creepy-Cute is my favorite MO! xo

  2. Wow! Talk about awesome!
    Peace & Love,


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