Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shut Your Flap!

OMG... so how cute are these!! Part of her new line of printable 3D things, these gift-giving wallets from Claudine Hellmuth are way cuter than store bought money or gift card holders. I got my hands on these just yesterday and my mind is reeling over how clever and adorable they are.

The kit comes with 17 pages of printable wallets and instructions, with plenty of designs for everyone in your life... boys, girls, tweens, moms, dads. It even comes with printable coupons you can fill out and give for all kinds of holidays. And if you think you'd never be able to figure it out, she's made videos on how to assemble them step by step!

And Claudine's talents seem to be endless when it comes to 3D printables! She's got tons of party favors like... cupcake holders that are ovens, colorful popsicles, retro cassette tapes. She's got birdies and trains, entire villages to make and so much more... all for instant download. So check out her Etsy shop if you want to impress your friends and family with your mad folding skills and some pretty darn adorable paper accessories!

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