Thursday, May 2, 2013

Did. You. Ever.

Did you ever have an art piece you made that you ended up keeping? Well, my conjoined sideshow twins Willie and Tillie are now part of my very own personal collection. I had them for sale at $350, and while everyone enjoyed them and told me that was a great price... no one took them home.

I mean... come on! Look at their sweet little... ummm... freakishly scary faces... and crazy hair! They're simply adorable.

And all the tiny little details. This piece probably took over 20 hours to make. Getting the embellishments to look old was very zen-like for me. I love making new and vintage items look really aged, distressed and time-worn. In a perfectly imperfect kind of way! And people thought this was an antique piece! The highest of compliments.

I created this assemblage in my spare time over a span of several weeks. It was definitely a labor of Love. I found great joy in each step and even surprised myself along the way. It had been a while since I'd gotten to enjoy the actual journey a creative inspiration takes me on. And in the end, I decided that...

Not only did I love the journey, but I loved the finished piece as well. It was worth way more to my soul than my pocketbook and it's now hanging on my office wall. I get to look at the twins that I birthed every day. And they'll never grow old.

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