Monday, October 26, 2009

Me Love Cookie...

Ever feel like your in a constant conundrum? Well, so does Cookie... this amazingly adorable sock creature made just for me! While attending the Squam Art Workshops, one of my fellow Squammies—Carol Sullivan—had created a Mr. Rabbit sock creature for our teacher, Nina. I gushed over it for hours, and upon my return to NJ, Carol informed me that she made a little guy for me. How lucky am I? The generosity of the people I met at the retreat is just awe inspiring.

I brought him to work so he could make me smile all day long. Who couldn't love a face like that...

Thanks again, Carol!


  1. He is so cute what a great gift!

  2. Aw he is ADORABLE!!

    way better than clowns *shudder*.

  3. super cutttttie!

    i have a thingy on my blog for you!
    love! tanya

  4. damn..he looks a lot like someone I know !

  5. Cookie looks right at home in his new office. So glad you like him.


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