Monday, June 22, 2009

Mrs. Cook The 6th...

This past weekend a bunch of us crafty girls got together for another "episode" of the Tiara Chronicles. The magnificently creative Lisa Kettell showed us how to make these "Charlotte" style bottle dolls.

She fashioned the head out of Model Magic using a mold she created from a vintage doll. We attached the doll head to our bottle... I used my favorite champagne split bottle (it's a mini Cook's bottle). Then we went all out with embellishing our creations.

It was a great time sharing supplies and ideas and seeing what everyone came up with.

All the dolls turned out different... and were absolute reflections of their owners! Here they are in no particular order...
And here we are, the Tiara girls... Patti, Joan, Lisa, Linda, Suze and me!
© group photos by Patti Behan

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  1. I love all these ladies, they make my days shine bright!
    I had so much fun and loved how everyone's dolls turned out!


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