Sunday, May 10, 2009

Practicing Whimsy...

On the third day of Art & Soul I took a class called Practicing Whimsy. In this workshop, Carla Sonheim took us on a drawing journey of learning to let go a bit... something I totally need to do! We did exercises using our non-dominant hand, drawing without looking, drawing with one continuous line, making objects with wire and more. Some with props and sometimes just from memory. In the afternoon we practiced our watercolor and charcoal skills, then created a small "series" of paintings. I did the fish and the bird which were tied to the wire technique and then made them cohesive with color. My favorite thing are the kitty-cat clouds in the bird scene. Hooray for whimsy!

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  1. soooooo cute! i love these!

    will you please do me a favour and hop over to my blog and choose from the entries of my students, pick one winner and put the name in a comment to my post so they see it is a fair vote, i would be really grateful!
    thank tanya


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