Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Fortune...

I am very lucky to know people who know and appreciate what I do creatively. This particular evening, I had the good fortune of going to a family friend's house to preview her yard sale stash. However, this is no regular yard sale! You see Gail's goodies are from her many years of owning an antique shop. I found so many wonderful things, but this Mother Goose book nearly made me cry. The illustrations and typography are amazingly inspirational. What you see here is only a tenth of what she let me have... photos, buttons, jewelry, books, ephemera, and more! And she wouldn't take a dime! She was happy to have it all go to a good home where it will be lovingly used to create something new. I am truly blessed. Thanks Gail!

P.S. Any of you locals out there, sale is Friday and Saturday... 14 Surf Ave, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756!

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  1. Hi Michelle, I'm so jealous of this wonderful loot! Good for you, and I hope it all adds lots of inspiration to your work. I love your cupcakes and your fun, quirky interests. It was great to meet you at a&s. I'm working on some collage boxes and altered journals-craft show in Providence RI soon. Hope all is well.


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