Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fat Tuesday... Facebook Style!

A couple years ago I took a magnificent trip to New Orleans, Louisiana for the week prior to Mardi Gras. While there I got to experience so many amazing things! Good food. Foot-tapping music. Gorgeous antiques. Booze. Beads. Colorful parades. Wonderful architecture. Cool shops... and spectacular art!

There was one artist who's circus-themed dolls caught my eye, and I took her card with me. Amber Leilani Middleton. After returning home, I found her on Etsy. Then I found her on Facebook. And then we formed this real and true friendship. It is uncanny how many things we have in common: rubber stamping, collage, art dolls, folk style painting, circus themed art... we're even almost the same age! Pretty cool.

Even cooler? I just acquired a piece of her art! This pink party girl was one of my faves with her glittery hat and a bosom of golden framed clouds. All-at-once she reminds me to have fun and be calm and floaty like a white billowy cloud. I'm so delighted to have a handmade doll from an artist I admire. But even better? I'm thrilled to have this new kindred friendship with an art maker like myself.

For more about Amber Leilani Middleton, check out her blog and this awesome interview she recently did. I bet you'll have a lot in common too!

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