Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taking a Little Blogcation...

Whew! This kitty kat needs a little Blogcation! After Hurricane Sandy kicked our butt, catching up with my workload while simultaneously trying to get house repairs done, search for a (good) full time job, and get ready for the Holidays is quite a set of tasks to accomplish!

Needless to say, I haven't had much time left over for art (or cleaning or food shopping for that matter!), and so there's not much to show or tell. Rather than bore you with the everyday goings-on of the non-creative part of my life, I'm just going to take a little time away from this blog... get some important things done... replenish my soul... reconnect with family... and take some time to reflect. And what better time to reflect than the end of a very long year!

I'll be back in a short while, and until then... stay creative, have fun and take some time for yourselves as well!

Michelle xoxo

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  1. Gosh you have been through the mill. Take all the time you need hun blogging should never turn into a burden. I am sure every one will understand. Have a wonderful holiday season and come back soon refreshed and ready to go Dxx


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