Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Giving Birth to Multiples...

Well, these dolls aren't a piece of cake (okay, well... maybe one is!), but giving birth to multiples has never been so much fun! I made lots of progress over the weekend sewing together the doll fronts, picking out just the right buttons and baubles for facial features and finding coordinating (or not!) fabrics for the backing. All my little ones are starting to show their personalities...

Some of them I thought were.... eh, just okay... but as I pair disparate textiles with coordinating elements, I'm beginning to see how much they are coming to life. This little clown is definitely pointing me in the right direction.

Anyone have a sweet tooth? I have a couple... ooops, looks like it's cracking up. Maybe too many Easter Sweet Tarts. I knew I shouldn't have had so many! Oh... and I love, I love, I love my little calendar girl! Looks like May and June are coming up... well... from 1979 that is... and this burlap wall calendar I found at a church bazaar. How bizarre.

And of course, no children of mine will being going without cake. Sweet tooths run in the family, you know. And hanging out in the back there is cloudy. He's a little off today... but we love him anyway.

I still have a few more rag dolls to sew together, but more pressing work (and I'm not talking about ironing!) has me tied up at the moment. I'm doing a custom Knock Down Doll order for a boardwalk themed wedding and need to create bride and groom artwork. Looks like Tillie's finally getting married!

But, you know all my children will be demanding my attention. They are kind of cutely adorable and very hard to resist. So, I'll keep you up to date as things progress.

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  1. I love your babies !!!! I am particularily drawn to Calendar Girl for some reason. I just love her.
    Can't wait til they get stuffed !!!
    Have fun, Momma !


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