Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzicane of 2010 - Ocean Grove, NJ

Well, I'd love to say that as a work-at-home artist, I am diligently working away on this Monday. But I would be fibbing. I am actually still in my pajamas... I mean, who is going to come to my door today? In fact... being the tiniest town within the Township of Neptune, Ocean Grove is always the last to have their streets plowed. And the likes of this snow is something else. Perhaps they'll get to us around Wednesday?

Here's a few highlights from the neighborhood. Although they are all taken from inside my house as I can only open the door this much right now...
This is our neighbor's house... what you see here is her front door and the clothes line! There is no working back door! Good thing she is visiting her son!
View from the front porch...
Duuuuude... where's my car?
Neighbor's house directly across the street. Check out the snowdrift on the right side of the house!
Good thing it's plastic "wicker" furniture...
Winds still whipping the snow around...
Various neighbors digging out. We're going to wait until the plows come through though.
If you're stuck in this... enjoy! If not... enjoy that too!


  1. I love it...........blizzicane.......stuck watching the news all morning and not anyone was as original as you!!!!

  2. Holy cow! What amazing pictures of the blizzard! Not that we had any of it, no way! We got more rain. And more and more rain. Sigh. Oh well!

    I hope things are getting back to "normal" for you!


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