Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And... She's Off...

Well, everybody... I'm off on my next adventure. I'll be attending Art & Soul — a week-long mixed media art retreat — in Portland, Oregon. I've been to these retreats before (they have them in several places around the country) in their Virginia location, so I know I'm in for a treat! I'll be taking several classes on dollmaking in clay, metal etching, using power tools (yeah, I'm gonna man-up!), as well as how to make a mechanical flying bird!

I'll meet lots of other wonderful adventurers too, who love to learn and create new, imaginative works of art. I'll also get to meet up with several instructors, many of whom I've made lasting friendships with over the years. I'm also looking forward to the amazing vendor night where I can peruse everything I might need to feed my mixed media fetish! And I even left a few days open to play around in the city! So I'm all set.

I won't have access to a computer, but you can follow my adventures on twitter, or check out my feeds on facebook. Wheeeeee, here we go...

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  1. Hey Michele you found me and I found you!! Love what you did with the new mannequin. My big one is new too ( a Beirdemior SP? ) but I also have an old Wolf one for a 2 year old child .I LOVE that one!!!


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