Monday, May 17, 2010


Back from vacation and fell a bit under the weather this week. But... the days are warming... the trees are blooming... and the sun is starting to shine more often than not. It's the perfect time to get my house in order before Summer begins. I've been organizing all my art supplies for the past few months and I'm almost there.

My trouble is that I have so many different areas of interest... it's hard to organize ALL the supplies... so they are ALL easily accessible... ALL the time! I love acrylic paint, collage, assemblage, jewelry, soft dolls and paper clay dolls... sheesh! And I never know what mood I'll be in.

I'd love some helpful tips... share 'em if ya got 'em!


  1. never new what mood to expect either....

  2. What a beautiful little pink house! :=}

    How satisfying it must be to have an organized crafting area. Mine are all in boxes here and there - I've only recently started to organize ... whew! what a chore. I'm finding stuff I had no idea I had, stuff I've been looking for forever, and stuff I'm not sure why I was keeping!

  3. I am using bookshelves and decorative boxes and baskets to corral my craft supplies.It is an ongoing process( 4 years,or so).The thing that seems to be working the best is to group each craft's supplies together,using the same type of storage container for each craft.And label everything!

  4. Ok Michelle -
    I'm reading this post of June 13 and am curious if you came up with a way to organize your supplies. I am in a similar situation - I have a studio (but it's hard to call it a studio when it simply houses "stuff") and it's so totally disorganized that I don't use it!!! Imagine having a studio and not using it because it's so disorganized...have any tips for those of us who like different "things"...scrapbooking, collage, painting, soldering.....oh and I even have a sewing machine (which is rarely if ever used). Could use some inspirtation if you have any to share!

    Kim Cataldo

  5. Kim...

    It is tough, that's for sure. And there are certainly "holes" in areas, but here is a basic overview of how I organize stuff:

    80% is divided up by WHAT it is, such as metal found objects, postcards, ephemera, game pieces, photos, images, papers, natural (stuff like shells/rocks/feathers), etc.

    20% is divided by HOW it will be used, such as soldering materials, rubber stamping supplies, metalworking tools, general supplies (scissors, glue, pencils), etc.

    I highly recommend storing stuff in same size containers, whatever they may be... iris carts, rubbermaid style shoe boxes or bigger... as long as they are STACKABLE and CLEAR. I used to label each one with a Sharpie, but now I slip a sheet of paper inside instead, as things always change. LOL!

    Another alternative is to get some kind of a wall unit that has removable drawers or baskets. This way you can take them back to your work table, sift through, and return very easily without much mess.

    Also, consider keeping extra containers or drawers for projects in progress. Keep all your pertinent papers, embellishments, objects etc. with it, but not your scissors, glue and ruler (or you'll forget where they are! Hee!).

    Hope this is helpful!

    Michelle xoxoxox


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