Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Introducing... Giselle...

I am finally ready for the Débutante Ball. Mom made this beautiful gown from a vintage blouse she found at the mission thrift shop for only $2,99. I'm so tiny... she was able to use the shirtsleeve as the entire dress... I just love the buttons! With the extra material, she fashioned a tiny rosette for the waist and a scarf for my neck (she knows I'm always chilly). So now I'm ready for my coming out party.

At the moment... I'm just sitting around waiting for Claude to pick me up. I hope he brings me a pretty corsage to complete my ensemble. Mom thinks I'm too young to date... actually she thinks I'm too young for a lot of things! C'est la vie, Mommie...


  1. you know she is just gorgeous ! She IS the American idol (even if she is french!!)

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous! I bet she is the belle of the ball! Her mom is amazingly talented.

  3. She is perfect! Her dress is beautiful,I love the buttons,too! I would wear it! Great hair as well.

  4. Her hair is so luxuriant! The dress must bring out the best.

  5. Oh Oh I think I need to come over and make dolls with you! xoxo


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