Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pick-A-Photo Tuesday (ok, Wednesday!): Asbury Carousel Building

This photo is of the roof on the Carousel building in Asbury Park that I used to visit as a child. It used to be part of the Palace Amusements... since closed down and replaced with condos. However, Asbury is saving the Carousel building and is actually in the process of refurbishing it right now. And in the interim, they are using the building as an open air venue for plays and exhibits.


  1. I'm glad to here about the Asbury Carousel Building. I live in NH now, but I was born and raised in NJ. Spent many summers "down the shore" in Seaside Heights and Asbury Park.I really miss the Jersey shore.


  2. How brilliant that they are saving this and doing it up. Brilliant.


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