Sunday, January 4, 2009

The 51 Cent Souvenir..

Whenever I go on vacation, my absolute favorite souvenir is the "squished penny". Perhaps you've seen the machine? You insert two quarters and one penny... you pick a picture... and turn the giant crank. The machine drops your penny into the press and stretches it while imprinting your image onto the coin. I've been collecting them for years and keeping them in a shoe box. Well, I've decided to show them the light of day and turn my collection into a bracelet or necklace of some sort. A good way to honor the places I've been, don't you think?


  1. these are soooooooooooo cool! never heard of the machine! darm, i would have made many charms while i was over! next time then!

  2. I love these things. Like LOVE. Good idea for showing them off! I just have all of mine in a coin purse.

  3. I love squished penny jewelry. It's totally campy, but it's truly unique to the owner. I think you could do something very cool with your mixed-media greatness. Have fun and take a pic when you make it so we can all oooohhhhh and ahhhhhhh.

  4. I also collect these and think they'd make a marvie bracelet--kind of like charm bracelets used to be, but with a very DIY spin.


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