Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm A Winner...

Wow, a pretty cool thing happened to me this weekend... My mom and I were at a gift basket auction and she had 20 tickets and I had none. I walked around to check out the over 20 selections, when I saw this framed embroidered piece. The birds immediately caught my eye, but the saying... "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself", made it even more special. As I believe that is my current lesson! So I said, "ooohh, ooooh, mom, give me a ticket!" And so she did. I put it in the little cup and waited patiently, although I had the strangest feeling it would be mine the second I looked at it.

When the item was picked up and brought to the front of the auction area, my mom said, "this one's ours", and they picked our number. Pretty cool, huh?

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