Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Knock Me Down! A More Colorful Solution...

For about 6 years now I've been making these Tillie version Knock Down Dolls in fun, circus-themed colors. The seafoam version was to match the color of the Palace Amusements building in Asbury Park, where Tillie's smiling countenance watched over children of all ages for decades.

An orange version was perfect for clowning around. Bright and cheery and colorfully circus-y.

And a royal blue version gave nod to a spiffy, more dressed up Tillie. And in all those years, I've sold over 100 of them.... with no complaints from the crowd.

Then, one day... I was like, "Hey! How about some new colors?" which was quickly followed by, "Duh!" and a head-slap. So, I decided to try out a pink version, to perhaps appeal to the ladies out there... a dusty lavender version, because I was feeling dandy... and a teal version, well, just for something different.

The exciting part was that I had just been contacted by someone who previously purchased one of my Knock Down Dolls and wanted to buy 5 more — in all different colors — to make a boardwalk themed display. And with the 3 new colors, I just so happened to be able to give her exactly what she wanted. A more colorful solution!

And since I was already fiddling with faux fur, sitting at the sewing machine, had hammer and tacks handy, and ribbons galore to rummage through... I made 2 whole sets. One for my patron and the other for you! To see all my Tillies in their fabulously amusing glory, you can visit my Etsy shop and click on Knock Down Dolls in the sidebar.

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