Tuesday, October 28, 2014

...aaaand, SOLD!

I was head-over-heels — or should I say, heads-over-wheels —when I found out that my sideshow conjoined twins Tillie and Willie found their forever home this weekend! I got a call from Torche' Galerie owner Roddy Wildeman only a week after the exhibit opening and he broke the great news.

The buyer was an interior designer who had stopped in the gallery... and as it turns out... loved the twins. He said they reminded him of something from American Horror Story: Freak Show. I think I may have squealed out loud when I heard that comment! I had already conjured up so many new art doll ideas from watching the first 3 episodes, and after this sale... my wheels are turning even more. What can I say? The show must go on!

If you missed the Torche' Galerie Fall Exhibition, or aren't close enough to come in-person, you can check out the entire show here. And, you can see all the art dolls I've exhibited at Torche' to date on my artist page. Happy browsing!

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